The announcement email:

Please join me in congratulating
~~~ Renee Rhodes ~~~
of Cedarlight Grove, ADF

who has successfully completed the documentation requirements of the
Ár nDraíocht Féin Dedicant Path.

As Preceptor of Ár nDraíocht Féin, I'd like to welcome Renee among those folks
who've taken the time to learn what ADF is all about and make it a major part of
their lives' spiritual paths.

congratulations to Renee directly.

Best wishes,
Raven Mann
-Why have you chosen to undertake the Dedicant Program? I joined ADF in September after being active with the Grove since January. It took me a while to decide if I was going to join or not, though I had known for some time that I wanted some sort of semi-structured approach to spiritual/religious study whereas there may be specific requirements to complete but there is not a required structure to the execution of said requirements. I just used some form of the word "require" far too many times. Essentially, ADF and the DP is what I have been looking for. Another reason is that I plan to take part in the ADF clergy study program when I am finished the DP..and the DP is a requirement. However, this is not a "means to an end", I would be working on the Dedicant's Program if I had no such plans.

-Is this a step on your path, or will this become the path itself? it is a path and it is a step on the path. there is only one journey. the end of one journey is only the first step on the next journey so they are all one.

-What do you expect to learn? perhaps a bit of focus. a bit of connection. a bit of history. a bit of myself. a bit of community, if life, of tradition, of unconventionality, of that which I need to know to continue to the next segment of whatever I'm doing here.

-What would you like to get out of this journey? the Dedican't Program segment of the journey? Or the whole grand mess in general? (I'm assuming that this is referencing the DP and I think my answer is essentially the same as the previous question. )

-Do you know where this path will take you? I know where I expect it to take me. I know where I hope for it to take me. I do not know that what I hope and expect is what will actually happen.

-If you have just joined ADF, why have you chosen to work on this immediately? See "Why have you chosen to undertake the Dedicant's Program"

-If you have been in ADF for a long time, why are you starting only now? n/a

-Does it look hard or easy? It looks hard and it looks easy. Part of me wants to jump at it, knowing that if I really wanted to, I could complete the requirements well above and beyond what is required in a matter of a week. I could crank out pages and pages of writing and I'd be finished with it.

I'm not doing that because it's not about "getting it done". It's about the doing and the learning and the taking the time.

Part of me sees the program as a whole, sees what needs to be done and while recognizing that the requirements themselves are easy in theory, the end result is a much bigger thing. This is very important to me...and therefore, somewhat intimidating and if I think a lot about it, a bit overwhelming.

-Which requirements appear to be difficult to you now, and which appear to be
easy? Yes. See "Does it look hard or easy?"

-Do you have doubts, questions, or concerns that you need to ask about? not at this time



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