Mar. 26th, 2010

For anyone who still has this journal friended, you can see that I have not used it in a very long time. After completing my Dedicant's Program with ADF, I retained the journal, thinking I would use it to document my Clergy Training Program- and when I left the Clergy training Program, I thought I would use it for the Initiate's Program.

As it happens, I would never work on the Initiate's program either, and after some very difficult decisions and two years of not knowing what I was doing, I am allowing my membership in ADF to lapse, and moving on. I will leave this journal up, that it may be helpful to anyone who should stumble upon it, and have given ADF permission to retain the link on their site if they so choose.

There will be no more posts made to this journal- with the possible exception being if I decide to go back and post the last couple of essays from my DP that never found their way here.

For anyone who is interested in my more current exploits, I am still actively using the livejournal [Unknown site tag] and maintaining a blog devoted to Apollo at Memories of Pain and Light



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